RumbaTap - an original concept created by Max Pollak, is a melding of Afro-Cuban music and dance, American jazz, body percussion, and tap dance.

The music/dance ensemble created and named after his unique body percussion/tap concept, premiered in 1999 featuring Bobby Sanabria, Cuban Rumba legend Barbaro Ramos, and Paul Carlon's Latin jazz quartet Grupo Los Santos.

Consisting of marimba, saxophone trio, vocalists and an explosive percussion section led by six body-drumming tap dancers, the multi-talented international cast of musicians and dancers evokes a powerful "Orquesta" capturing the deep grooves and charged electricity of Afro-Latin Soul.

RumbaTap has toured throughout Europe, Japan, Cuba, and the United States, recently performing to a capacity crowd at New York City's Central Park Summer Stage.

Max Pollak and RumbaTap let the music play them -- hips, shoulders, arms etching pictures in sound and space -- the ancient thrill of releasing the beat of your soul by playing "the groove" on the oldest instrument known to man - the body.