Livya Howard-Yashar

Livya Howard-Yashar is a dancer, educator, choreographer, and musician native to Los Angeles. She graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in Dance, Music, and Cultural Anthropology, and has since performed and collaborated alongside various NYC based dance artists. Her keen interest in cross cultural studies and arts exchange has taken her around the world, specifically to Beijing, where she taught dance at Minzu University of China. She has been a touring member of Max Pollak's Rumbatap since 2015, and since moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles, has worked with several LA based dance companies and choreographers.

In addition to her dance career, Livya's work as a vocalist, percussionist, and beat boxer has allowed her to collaborate on various multidisciplinary projects with artists in New York, Greece, Israel, Ghana, and the UK. She continues to show her choreography, exploring the meeting point between concert, commercial, and various cultural dance forms. With her extensive background in the performing arts and cross cultural studies, her work draws upon the interconnectivity of language, storytelling, music, and dance. She continues to choreograph and hold workshops in LA, in addition to touring and teaching with Rumbatap nationally and internationally.